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Jan 24, 2011

Let You Go

Check out our demo of our new song "Let You Go", written and performed by Bryan F., our guitarist.

Jan 23, 2011

New Music

We are in the process of recording a new EP. Guts (To Ask Her Out) will be the title track and it will have a few more songs on it that we are working on now including "Let You Go" and "Different".

Jan 18, 2011

Guts (To Ask Her Out)

The full song has been posted under the videos section of our Facebook page.

Jan 17, 2011


We're finally getting SOME pageviews, which is always a nicce thing. Remember, Check out our Facebook page under "Videos" to see a demo of Guts (To Ask Her Out).

Jan 16, 2011


Just a heads up, we should be recording Guts today.

Jan 14, 2011

First Recording!

This is only a demo, and only with guitar & vocals, but we should have the full version by tomorrow if there are no...intrusions. This is our first song called Guts (To Ask Her Out). (By the way, music posting isn't supported by Blogger, so it's on my Facebook page. There's a link below the posts. It is posted under the page's videos. Thx!)

Jan 12, 2011

Still recording...with some minor setbacks

Where we live, we just got 20" of snow, so we couldn't record today. We'll have something up soon enough!

First Post!

If you're seeing this, congratulations! Now that thats over, the band is finally toghether! After many tales of how we became Gateway far to involved to go into now, we are now recording on Mike's iPod. (No, you do not need to know who Mike is.)