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Dec 31, 2011

New Year, here are our plans

Hello Gateway fans and happy New Year! This coming year is going to be huge for our band in a number of ways. First, we are going to be playing our first live shows at the ESM pops concert (TBD), Bounce'N'Play idol (TBD), and we may possibly open up for a friend of Mike's band (TBD). Also, we will be releasing our first LP independently this spring or summer. Some of the tracks will be: "Lies", "Let You Go", "His Majesty", "Dead End", "Broken", "Outcast" and "A Moment to Forget". Also, both myself and Bryan B. will be releasing solo albums at some point this year. Mine will probably contain some jazz, blues, pop punk, classic rock and instrumental rock/shredding, whereas Bryan B.'s will probably consist of some stoner rock, punk, alternative, and experimental rock. So it's gonna be a busy year.

Keep Rockin'
-Bryan F.

P.S. - "whereas Bryan B.'s will probably consist of some stoner rock, punk, alternative, and experimental rock" - don't forget the likely possibility of a dubstep track. Just because. :)

Also, "His Majesty" and "Lies" are in the process of being re-recorded for our first LP.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Dec 16, 2011


Our E.P. recording of "His Majesty" has 75 plays on soundcloud, an acheivement for us!! Apparently, this is our "hit" from the E.P., and it will be rerecorded for our full length debut to make it twice as good. We need more people to listen to our E.P. and single though, and maybe give us some feedback on them. That's all for now.

Keep Rockin'!!
-Bryan F.

Dec 6, 2011

New Separate Band?

Me, Bryan, and Mike have been deliberating on forming another band that plays instrumental prog music, similar to Dream Theater or Rush. What do you guys think?

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Nov 30, 2011

"Dead End" Released

Check out the new single at this link:

or by listening to the player over in the top right corner.

Why is this release important? It's the first one with album art!

Also,'s player is not working, so it won't be posted there, but you can still click the link above this post to subscribe to us!

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Nov 27, 2011

Excited, Single Drops Wednesday!

Can't wait for the new single "Dead End" being released on Wednesday, 11/30/11. It's goning to be aesome, and as Bryan F. said it will be available for free download and listening here on the blog, on Soundcloud, and for listening on, although the player is a bit flaky.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Nov 26, 2011

Status Update

Hi everyone it's been a while so I figured I'd give a status update. First of all, hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We are probably going to rehearse tomorrow, if possible, and perhaps record "Broken" or "Outcast". Don't forget, "Dead End" drops on 11/30/11. It'll be posted on UG and soundcloud, available for download and play. With luck, our first LP will be done by spring 2012. That's all for now.

Rock on!!
Bryan F.

P.S.- don't forget to follow Gateway's official twitter account, @GatewayB_B_M_K, as well as Bryan B.'s official account, @ThisIsBryanB, and Bryan F.'s official account, @BryanFmusician

Nov 20, 2011

New Single

We will be releasing "Dead End" as a single. Release is expected on 11/30/11. Here is a possible cover art.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

It's Been a Few Days

So here's what were doing.

Rehearsing today.
We have half of "Dead End" done including the lead and rhythm guitars. We have drums, but they need to be redone.
"Outcast" and "Broken" are on the way.

That's it.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Nov 14, 2011

Current Glitches

We are having some difficulties with Twitter. It is experiencing a few glitches with "Followers" and "Following". The "Twitter Feed"s in the lower right of the blog are having a few problems as well, they may not appear at the start of opening the blog. Try refreshing.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Nov 12, 2011

More Details on Live Performances

The "Long Island Idol" at the Bounce 'N Play in Center Moriches has a prize. Recording time in a professional studio and a song is aired on the radio! We must win.

Also, if you've been following @BryanFmusician's twitter (Twitter feed down on lower left along with @ThisIsBryanB and @GatewayB_B_M_K) then you already know we have 3 more songs planned out called "Outcast", "Broken", and "Dead End". Don't expect this to be a second EP, we are either continuing to make a full album or skipping this EP. I expect that it's the first.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

P.S. - Did you know that P.S. doesn't stand for "Post Script"? it stands for "Postscriptum", Latin for "Written after".

Nov 11, 2011

Who Inspires Gateway?

Why don't you clink the "Who Inspires Us?" tab above and find out?

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Nov 10, 2011

Tell Us What You Think!

In the comments below, tell us what you think of the solos in Lies (1:30) and Let You Go (1:58).

We would really appreciate that.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Nov 8, 2011

Do You Consider This a Tour?

Gateway is making their first live appearances!

When more details are available, they will be given. Gateway is performing at the "Long Island Idol" at Bounce N' Play in Center Moriches. Hope we win!

We're also possibly performing at a friend's summer concert. He's in a metal band, so come to hear our heavier setlist.

These are all in the summer.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Nov 7, 2011

Let You Go E.P.

Hello. I'm still psyched about the E.P. release the other day and I've been trying to figure out my guitar solos for all 3 tracks (I don't actually write solos, they're all improvised on the spot). Yeah, other than that, not much going on, just writing for a solo album in case I ever get recording equipment and waiting for my ZT lunchbox I ordered the other day.

Rock on!
-Bryan F.

Writing credits from the album:
His Majesty; Bryan Filetto/Mike Pelliccia
Lies; Bryan Burrowes/Bryan Filetto/Mike Pelliccia/Kevin Filetto (L.I. Smalls)
Let You Go; Bryan Filetto/Bryan Burrowes/Mike Pelliccia

EP, Deluxe!

I hope you saw that the EP posted in the "Post Release Post" was a Deluxe Edition with a Rebirth Version of Let You Go. Download links are also available in SoundCloud in bottom left of this blog, or at this link:

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

P.S. - L.I. Smalls is a great drummer, but I have to take credit for the drums on Let You Go and Let You Go (Rebirth Version), we hired L.I. after these tracks were recorded and I played the drums on those songs.

Nov 6, 2011

Post Release Post

If you look toward the bottom right of the blog, you'll notice a Soundcloud of the newest EP, Let You Go [Deluxe Edition].

Here is a direct link:

There are also download links in the Soundcloud.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Release TODAY!

Let You Go - EP is finally being released! I'm putting on the final touches as I'm typing this.

In other unrelated news about myself, I will be creating my own experimental guitar solo album in January, so I'll keep you updated on that. Also, I got a personal Twitter, so There's now 2 live Twitter feeds.

Edit [11/6/11, 11:29a.m.EST] : RELEASED!
*Warning: player is a little flaky and may not work well. Will post new link soon*

Edit [11/6/11, 4:15p.m.EST]: Better link!

Keep on Playing! (And Follow ThisIsBryanB on Twitter)
 -Bryan B.

Oct 30, 2011

Release Pushed to 11/6/11

Sorry for the inconvenience, if we have any fans reading this, but the laptop troubles have been resolved and we want to release our original 3 song EP. This will be dine by next Monday, no questions asked.

Oh, we also have to RERECORD Let You Go, unless we find my flash drive.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Oct 26, 2011

Good News, Bad News

Hello Gateway fans! Its been a while since I last blogged and just wanted to put you up to speed. Bryan got his new laptop last week and we tried to record but Audacity was being uncooperative, so we rehearsed instead. It's really coming together! I'm gonna have a busy rest of the week, so releasing the album on the 31st is out of the picture, but lucky for us we're off Tuesday and Friday next week so maybe we'll accomplish something. Last but not least, don't forget to tell your friends to "follow" us on Twitter or "like" us on Facebook. That's all but I'll keep you updated (via Twiiter and on here).

Rock on!!

-Bryan F.

Oct 25, 2011

Very Happy! New Laptop!

Just got a new laptop! (well, not NEW, more like new to me.)

If we get together before Halloween, We will record Lies.


We seem to have lost the master copy of "Let You Go", so we may have to Re-record that, and that's IF we can get together before Halloween.


IF we don't get together, we will most likely move the release date to November SOMETHINGth.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Oct 21, 2011

Excited, Yet Sad

Excited that we have a release and it will be ready on time!

Sad that the best song can't be on it. :( (well, in MY opinion the best song. But then again I wrote it.)

New Live Twitter Feed down lower.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Oct 19, 2011


We have added a "Follow" button for our twitter page. Now you can follow us! Bryan F. is going to post more on Twitter, like I post more on here.

Concerning the EP...
My laptop is still broken and it won't be fixed any time soon. we are simply going to release a double-sided single called Let You Go - Single. It will feature Let You Go on the A-side and His Majesty on the B-side.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Oct 13, 2011

Still Stuck

Laptop's still down. Now we're writing and working on how we sound live. We may even have a gig for summer 2012... *hint hint*

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Oct 11, 2011

Sad News

Well,, I'm sure you read Bryan F.'s post that my laptop isn't working. I'm hoping that it will be fixed before Halloween so we can release the EP. (What's left will only take a day.) I'm hopeful.

For the nerds out there, the NVidia chip delaminated from the laptop's motherboard. The computer doesn't open to fix it either. (Cheap design. :(| )

All the files were saved, so if worst comes to worst, we'll release the 2 songs that we have done, and a demo version of Lies. (Only guitars and bass)

Well, Keep on Playing anyway.
 -Bryan B.

Oct 10, 2011


Had a very productive rehearsal yesterday. We worked out some songs that will be featured on the E.P., such as Lies, Let You Go and His Majesty, as well one song that won't be on the E.P., Dead End. They all sound amazing in a full band setting, and all include insane guitar solos by me. Bryan's computer isnt working, so Lies remains unfinished, but we will most likely be able to finish it by the 31st, assuming Bryan gets his computer fixed. That's all for now.

Rock on!
Bryan F.

Oct 7, 2011

Getting Together Soon, To Finish EP

We  literally have 1 song left to finish. Shouldn't take too long to do. Have half of it totally done, and now onto completion! (This is also the first song featuring our newest drummer, L.I. Smalls!)

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Oct 4, 2011

New Song, Will Be On EP

The EP, Let You Go, will be released on October 31st, Halloween, as you saw from the last post. However...

We promised you three songs, if I haven't said them before, the they're Let You Go, His Majesty, and This is a Song. But, This is a Song was never finished, has no lyrics, no verse, etc. Therefore, we are releasing a song we wrote a while ago for a different band, the song being called Lies. It takes on a more heavy, punk rock approach than to other 2 songs.

Now the setlist for the Let You Go - EP is:
01: His Majesty
02: Lies
03: Let You Go

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

P.S. - Wrote this at the school library, don't tell anyone!

Oct 3, 2011

Official Release Date

The EP is to be released on October 31st, Halloween.

We hope you will enjoy it.

Keep on Playing!

P.S. - My keyboard is stuck in Spanish mode and it won't get out. ñÑçÇ¡¿

Oct 1, 2011

Decided What We're Doing...First EP!

Our first EP will be released this month. We'll be posting all the songs on our band page on (Link Above)

2 songs are completed and 1 more is on the way, then it will be released!

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Sep 29, 2011

New Member, L.I. Smalls!

Guess what? Kevin "L.I. Smalls" joined the band! He's going to be our new drummer.

He's also Bryan F.'s brother.

Guess I'm not playing drums anymore!

Keep on playing!
 -Bryan B.

Sep 24, 2011


Hey it's Bryan F. here. Just got access to blogger so now I can post too. Work on This Is a Song started, and we have guitar and bass complete, and I am in the process of a rewrite of Lies. Not much going on and I probably won't post again for a while, with school, marching band, guitar ensemble etc. You get the point.

Rock on!

-Bryan F.

It's Been a While

Haven't been posting in a while, so I figured you deserved an update.

I learned how to play Crazy Train.
We're going to be doing something today.

That's really all that has happened.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Sep 14, 2011

Sep 11, 2011

9/11/01 - 9/11/11, 10 Years Ago.

It's been 10 years since the WTC was brought down by terrorists.

We support all of the first-responders and citizens who lost their lives on that dreadful day.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Sep 10, 2011

Kinda Busy...

Had a rehearsal today, but didn't get much done.

Started writing 2 songs, only 1 with a name, called This is a Song. The other song will be very fast paced, funky metal kind of style with some pretty awesome basslines. This is a Song will be a more Prog metal/Punk song.

Ah well, it's getting there.

Keep on playing!

-Bryan B.

Sep 6, 2011

Most Pageviews for the Site...Last Month?

Checking the blogs stats, and August 2011 was the peak for our pageviews. Awesome!

By the way, we are a high school band, and school starts tomorrow, so things may slow down a little.

Aug 27, 2011

Smartphone Friendly!

Guess what? Gateway Official Blog is now compatible with smartphones and will now display a mobile version of the blog. Of course, to see things on the sidebar over there --> you need to see it from a desktop/laptop computer.

Keep on playing!

-Bryan B.

Aug 26, 2011

More Aesthetic Changes and

Changed the blog around more, starting to have fun with it. (Leave me more comments!)

You may have noticed link to our accounts on you go to them, you'll usually find Gateway songs in the process of being written. Sometimes we'll start a song, not finish it right away, and post it for you. Sometimes we write a short piece and post it for fun.

Gateway also has a link, for the official band page, and when we have a full album, music will be posted there. (We've only got one song totally done so far. :3)

So far, I am the only one who has anything up on the profile, but there will be more to come.

Keep on playing!

-Bryan B.

P.S. - Notice the slideshow? Took me 4EVA to figure out how to get that working!

Aug 19, 2011

What Happened?

You might have noticed some aesthetic changes to the site. Such as different colors, or words, or thing of that nature. Let us know what you think in the comments. (You do not need an account to comment, however it will show up as Anonymous)

Aug 17, 2011

Recording in Progress.

Actually, We're still playing with the new interface. :3 If you go to'll see a small portion of a Gateway song in the works and an instrumental song written and performed by Bryan Burrowes, all with a single guitar.

Aug 1, 2011

Back Together Again!

Gateway has been reformed! But with a few...changes.

During our hiatus, Bryan, Bryan, and L.I. formed a separate band called Radiochain. ( This band MAY continue. (Bryan F. plays bass/lead guitar, Bryan B. plays guitar/vocals, L.I. on drums.)

We're still searching for recording equipment, so no music for at least a few weeks.

We've also switched a few roles, since we're obviously oh so talented like that. bryan F. is still on guitar and Mike is still on bass, but Bryan B. (me) now plays the drums and Bryan F. and I share the vocals.

We'll post some music within a few weeks of now! (Hint: maybe 2 covers! :D)

May 22, 2011

Silent X

As You may have seen, a new song is in the works. There is a demo at the bottom of the page for our new song "Silent X".

Apr 29, 2011

For Some Reference...

We aren't actually doing a cover of "Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)"
The poll was simply for perspective, to see what our viewers want. Don't worry, we'll post this poll again in the distant future.

Apr 14, 2011


Did anyone ever tell you how hard songwriting is? Well they should.

Mar 30, 2011

Please vote on our poll!

We decided we need a new logo. Our old one isn't that great and not many famous bands have images for logos. We created a few new logos and we want our fans to choose, considering we like them all! The images are on our Facebook page at the link below or go straight to the images by clicking the link in this post. Thanks!!!

Feb 9, 2011

Important Poll!

Please take a vote on the poll to the left. We will be doing a cover of a song, but we can't decide. Please help us decide by voting on the poll to the left. You may select more than one answer. If the song you're thinking of isn't on the list, leave a comment on this post telling us and vote "I Left a Comment on the Post" on the poll. Thanks!

Feb 3, 2011


We decided to release the songs as an album rather than an EP, so it may take a while longer. Also, we've decided to make "Different" a small rock opera, kind of like American Eulogy by Green Day, only 2 or 3 parts to it. The second part will be called "Dove" and we haven't written a third yet.

Jan 24, 2011

Let You Go

Check out our demo of our new song "Let You Go", written and performed by Bryan F., our guitarist.

Jan 23, 2011

New Music

We are in the process of recording a new EP. Guts (To Ask Her Out) will be the title track and it will have a few more songs on it that we are working on now including "Let You Go" and "Different".

Jan 18, 2011

Guts (To Ask Her Out)

The full song has been posted under the videos section of our Facebook page.

Jan 17, 2011


We're finally getting SOME pageviews, which is always a nicce thing. Remember, Check out our Facebook page under "Videos" to see a demo of Guts (To Ask Her Out).

Jan 16, 2011


Just a heads up, we should be recording Guts today.

Jan 14, 2011

First Recording!

This is only a demo, and only with guitar & vocals, but we should have the full version by tomorrow if there are no...intrusions. This is our first song called Guts (To Ask Her Out). (By the way, music posting isn't supported by Blogger, so it's on my Facebook page. There's a link below the posts. It is posted under the page's videos. Thx!)

Jan 12, 2011

Still recording...with some minor setbacks

Where we live, we just got 20" of snow, so we couldn't record today. We'll have something up soon enough!

First Post!

If you're seeing this, congratulations! Now that thats over, the band is finally toghether! After many tales of how we became Gateway far to involved to go into now, we are now recording on Mike's iPod. (No, you do not need to know who Mike is.)