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Apr 28, 2012

Finally Implementing Metal

Well, it's official. We stepped into the metal area with our heaviest song, Borderlines.

Also, the album is set to release during the Summer or Fall of 2012. (Ironically close to Green Day's album...)

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Apr 8, 2012

Been a While, But We're Back

We haven't been posting in a while, it's been very busy. We are continuing our work on our debut album to be released in the fall/summer of 2012. We have our original 4 songs complete (Let You Go, Lies, His Majesty, Dead End) however "His Majesty" has been completely revamped and "Lies" will most likely be omitted. We also have 3 unfinished songs (Outcast, Borderlines, Third Wheel) and are continuing work on those.

 Keep on Playing and Happy Easter!
 -Bryan B.