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Jan 29, 2012

New Jam Session

This is a song me and Bryan decided to do. We were bored. Have fun.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Jan 28, 2012

The Next Radiochain?

For anyone who remembers our old side project, Radiochain, I hope you forget very soon. However, Me and Bryan F. are debating creating our own side project as a duo, each of us playing multiple instruments. One name we have for it is Tetra, but that's not confirmed.

Don't forget Bryan F. and I have our own solo albums out sometime this year, mine under the name Riots on the Tower. (I'm hoping to accumulate more members for this in the future.)

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Jan 22, 2012

Almost Done With Newest Songs

Our song "Set in Stone" only needs a bass part and our song "Outcast" only needs vocal parts and a 2nd rhythm guitar part. We still need to write "Razorblades" (title will most likely change) and "Broken". "Let You Go" was revamped for the album as well as "Lies", which will be. "His Majesty" was also entirely re-recorded. When we have a release date for the album, It should have a total of 10 songs (subject to change) and have a title track.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

Jan 16, 2012

Punk + Metal + Jazz = Awesome

Today, Me and Bryan F. wrote a jazzy ballad called "Set in Stone" and got started on our metal song "Razorblades", so This album will be intense when it's done.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

P.S. - We're playing Steel Panther solos at the moment. ;)

Jan 14, 2012

Solo Album, Recording Gateway Debut

You could say I've begun my solo album, as I recorded one track with Bryan B. the other day. The lyrics will need to be redone though, as I wrote the song for an English project (I'm in highschool). Also, Gateway rehearsed yesterday. We worked out "Outcast" and began recording it, but have only the rhythm guitar parts done, and then jammed to some classics like "Smoke on the Water" and "My Generation" just for fun. We may end up pushing back the independent release of our debut album, as we only have "Let You Go", part of "Outcast", "Dead End", and most of a reworked version of "His Majesty" completed, out of a target 10-12 tracks. However, we have written almost enough songs, some by me ("Outcast", "Let You Go", "His Majesty", "Broken") and a few by Bryan B. ("Dead End", "Lies", "Borderlines", and a new one "Set in Stone"), as well as one collaboration ("A Moment To Forget").

Keep Rockin'
-Bryan F.

P.S.- Bryan B. played guitar on a Gateway recording for the first time with "Outcast"

Jan 7, 2012

Already Working on My Solo Album

I've got the basis for 2 songs for my solo album already DONE. I'll post some video demos tomorrow.

One is a combo of prog metal and hard rock while the other doesn't have enough done to really determine what genre it is. No titles yet.

And I'll be playing under the name Riots on the Tower.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

EDIT: Well, a little later than expected, but here is one demo from my upcoming solo album. No name yet. It's only a guitar. Also, don't expect it to be "in time", I did this one kind of quick. It's really just to get a point across.
Oh, and I have decided on changing my overall genre to the hard rock styles seen in bands like Chevelle.

Jan 1, 2012

New Year, New Music, New Ideas


I haven't posted in quite a while, so I felt the need to greet you.


As we already said, we have several new tracks to be released such as "A Moment to Forget", "Broken", "Borderlines", "Outcast", etc. Also we have gigs. ESM Pops concert, Long Island Idol, and possibly opening for Mike's friend. If you're in the area, stop by.

The blog is also maintaining a monthly poll, like we used to. Maybe this time it will work.

My, as well as Bryan F.'s, solo albums will be released this year, him doing mainly blues, rock, jazz, alternative, etc. and myself, under an undecided name, doing stoner rock, prog metal, and experimental. It's amazing how such different styles can just come together like that.

Oh, and January celebrates Gateway's 1st birthday!! We'll have some CHAWCOLATE later to celebrate.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.