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Jan 14, 2012

Solo Album, Recording Gateway Debut

You could say I've begun my solo album, as I recorded one track with Bryan B. the other day. The lyrics will need to be redone though, as I wrote the song for an English project (I'm in highschool). Also, Gateway rehearsed yesterday. We worked out "Outcast" and began recording it, but have only the rhythm guitar parts done, and then jammed to some classics like "Smoke on the Water" and "My Generation" just for fun. We may end up pushing back the independent release of our debut album, as we only have "Let You Go", part of "Outcast", "Dead End", and most of a reworked version of "His Majesty" completed, out of a target 10-12 tracks. However, we have written almost enough songs, some by me ("Outcast", "Let You Go", "His Majesty", "Broken") and a few by Bryan B. ("Dead End", "Lies", "Borderlines", and a new one "Set in Stone"), as well as one collaboration ("A Moment To Forget").

Keep Rockin'
-Bryan F.

P.S.- Bryan B. played guitar on a Gateway recording for the first time with "Outcast"

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