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Nov 12, 2011

More Details on Live Performances

The "Long Island Idol" at the Bounce 'N Play in Center Moriches has a prize. Recording time in a professional studio and a song is aired on the radio! We must win.

Also, if you've been following @BryanFmusician's twitter (Twitter feed down on lower left along with @ThisIsBryanB and @GatewayB_B_M_K) then you already know we have 3 more songs planned out called "Outcast", "Broken", and "Dead End". Don't expect this to be a second EP, we are either continuing to make a full album or skipping this EP. I expect that it's the first.

Keep on Playing!
 -Bryan B.

P.S. - Did you know that P.S. doesn't stand for "Post Script"? it stands for "Postscriptum", Latin for "Written after".

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