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Feb 15, 2012

Writing, Recording, Musical

We've been rather busy lately, leaving little time for rehearsing and recording. Firstoff, I've written a new song, titled "Third Wheel", which is definitely going to be on the album, most likely replacing "Broken", which was never finished and may end up on one of our solo albums. Also, "Outcast" is near completion, with only vocals left. "Set in Stone" may be shelved for now, but it will be used again at some point. Either way, we have been very busy due to4 working on the school musical (West Side Story), where Bryan. B is on stagecrew and Mike and myself are in pit, so things'll be slow for the next month or so. However, expect us to get some recording done because we have off for winter break this coming week.

Keep Rockin'
Bryan F.

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