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Oct 4, 2012

Wouldn't It Be Funny?

...if we actually rehearsed in the last 2 months?

School caught up with us. It happens. All we can do is rehearse in our spare time.

And on that matter...

Our recording equipment seems to have blown out. So we can't quite record for a while now, which sucks because we now have 2 awesome songs that we can't even share with anyone (if anyone reads this).

So, our album no longer has a release date, although before it didn't really either, it was just a 6 month span. But now it really doesn't have a date. We may release a single, I mean we have ONE song that's all the way done. But as of now that's unconfirmed. An album right now is just out of the question.


Keep on Playing!
 - Bryan B.

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